Bob Levine


Dr. Robert Y. Levine


Ph.D. (Physics) University of Michigan, 1983

M.S.E.E. (Optics) Tufts University, 1980

B.S. (Physics) Michigan State University, 1976

Dr. Levine is a former employee of Spectral Sciences, Inc. and now works as a consultant for the company. He is the principal investigator for developing software for radiotherapy planning, and a research investigator on near-IR imaging of tissues. These projects continue work done at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where Dr. Levine was a scientist since 1985. He was the principal investigator on algorithms to design intensity modulated beams for the optimum conformation of radiation to solid mass tumors in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The algorithms are now being enhanced at SSI and incorporated into a prototype commercial radiotherapy planning tool. Dr. Levine was the principal investigator in the development of near-IR contrast agents and associated discrimination algorithms for multispectral imaging of breast cancer. This work, which is continuing to prototype stage at SSI, was the basis for the 1997 BF Goodrich Award and an MIT patent application. In addition to his biomedical work, Dr. Levine’s research experience includes microchannel plate development for high-speed optical signal modulation, multi-sensor neural net data fusion, satellite motion analysis from X-band radar images, laser radar imaging, and ultra-wideband radar imaging.



Spectral Sciences, Inc.