Liselle Joseph


Dr. Liselle Joseph

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering) Virginia Tech, 2017

M.S. (Aerospace Engineering) Virginia Tech, 2014

B.S. (Aerospace Engineering) Virginia Tech, 2011

Before joining Spectral Sciences, Inc. in October of 2020, Dr. Joseph was a Senior Aerospace Engineer working in the Aero/Thermal Fluids organization of Pratt & Whitney where she worked primarily on developing new compression system technologies for both commercial and military applications. Dr. Joseph’s graduate research focused on the systematic and critical analysis of experimental data by developing novel analysis tools rooted in random data spectral analysis and fundamental aerodynamic principles. This research was conducted almost exclusively in Virginia Tech’s world-class Stability Wind Tunnel, where she independently led and assisted in programs funded by the Office of Naval Research, the National Science Foundation, General Electric Power & Water, and other Aerospace corporations. With these experiences, Dr. Joseph is an expert in turbulence, rough-wall boundary layer flows, wind tunnel and rig testing, compressor aero-thermodynamics and design, and digital engineering for sustainable tools and methods. Her work is published in notable journals, including the Journal of Fluid Mechanics and the Journal of Turbomachinery.