Steven Adler-Golden


Steven Adler-Golden

Technical Fellow

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) Cornell University, 1979

M.S. (Physical Chemistry) Cornell University, 1976

B.S. (Chemistry) Yale University, 1974

Dr. Adler-Golden has been involved at both technical and management levels in a variety of modeling, theoretical and experimental projects for Government and commercial customers since joining SSI in 1981.  His research activities and interests include hyperspectral and multispectral remote sensing algorithm development, atmospheric aeronomy and radiation modeling, molecular spectroscopy and dynamics, and detection and measurement of trace gases and contaminants.  His experience in instrument development includes work on UV and IR techniques for humidity sensing, a laser Raman sensor for hydrogen gas, diode laser applications, trace gas sensing using conductive polymers, and surface characterization with spectral imagers. He has performed modeling and theoretical work on the spectroscopy and kinetics of ozone, hydroxyl and other atmospheric molecules, atmospheric IR radiation, and IR-visible-UV radiation from rockets and spacecraft. He has led development of the FLAASH hyperspectral atmospheric correction code, and developed upgrades and participated in validation for the DoD/SSI MODTRAN and SAMM atmospheric radiation models.