SMACC – End Member Analysis

Software: Spectral Image Exploitation – SMACC®

Image Exploitation Algorithms: SSI is active in the development of algorithms for spectral image exploitation, including use for target detection and classification.

For example, SSI scientists developed SMACC (Sequential Maximum Angle Convex Cone), a fast, fully automated end member-finding and unmixing algorithm that can be applied to both multispectral and hyperspectral data. SMACC is included as a spectral analysis tool in ENVI, and is also available from SSI as a stand-alone code.

Material abundance maps generated with SMACC.


J.H. Gruninger, A.J. Ratkowski, and M.L. Hoke, The Sequential Maximum Angle Convex Cone (SMACC) Endmember Model. Proceedings SPIE, Algorithms for Multispectral and Hyper-spectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery, Vol.5425-1, Orlando FL, April, (2004).

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