Furnace Diagnostics

Prototype Multispectral Furnace Imager

An air-cooled furnace imaging probe is combined with an affordable multiwavelength (UV/vis/NIR) spectral camera system and Eclipse burner technology to provide advanced diagnostics and control in industrial furnaces. Our spectral intensity and ratio maps provide views of your furnace that would be invisible to the naked eye, showing the active flame, soot, wall temperatures, and the combustion plume.

Burner-Fitted Spectrometer

The burner-fitted spectrometer is a technology that uses Structured Emission Thermometry (US Patent #6640199) to ascertain and report flame state for rapid, local control of the operating point. The probe is non-intrusively mounted on the burner peep sight, and the light is brought to the readout system using an optical fiber.


This work was funded by the United States Department of Energy through the Small Business Innovative Research Program, Award DE-SC0000671.