R&D Services and Testing

Our multifaceted approach excels at clarifying complex problems through customized data collection and analysis tools, modeling of physical processes and simulation scenarios, lab and field demonstrations, and more.

Whether investigating a novel concept, developing components toward a field-ready prototype, or combining existing technologies in innovative ways—SSI applies a rigorous attention to scientific and engineering problem-solving for clients in government, private industry, and academia.

Our work has led to significant advancements in the fields of remote and active sensing software, atmospheric physics simulation modeling, computational tools for gas dynamics, and optical sensor prototype development, among others. We focus on multiple categories and services across an array of industries including:

  • Region classification within multispectral or hyperspectral images
  • Atmospheric correction of images
  • 3D target simulation
  • Radiative transport simulation in a 3D scenario
  • Modeling of rocket or missile plumes
  • Measurement services
  • Engineering products and services

Contact us to see how we can apply our thirty-seven years of targeted expertise to your R&D problems.

Spectral Sciences combustion testing facility.