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Spectral Sciences, Inc.

30 Fourth Avenue, Suite 2

Burlington, MA 01803

Phone: 781-273-4770

Fax: 781-270-1161

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    Directions from Logan Airport

    Take I-93 North to I-95 South. I-95 is also Route 128.

    Take exit 32 off I-95. You will be on a service road. Take the first ramp to Middlesex Turnpike. The Burlington Mall will be to the right. Go right at the bottom of the ramp. The left-turners have a light; you have a Yield sign.

    Fourth Avenue is about a mile up Middlesex, at the fourth light, where we do not count the light avoided by the right turn at the end of the ramp.

    Turn left on Fourth Ave. Spectral Sciences, Inc. is in the first building on the right. Turn into the drive before you would pass the “2-4” sign out front. Park in front. The main entrance is the leftmost of the two entrance arches.

    If you are approaching from the South on I-95 North, take exit 32, you will be on a service road, take the 2nd ramp to Middlesex Turnpike and go right at the end of the ramp. Directions are as above, except you will pass through one more set of lights – again, not counting the light for left-turners at the end of the ramp.