Software Development

SSI’s team has experience developing both first principles and engineering-level software for both the scientist who wants to better understand the chemical reactivity and electronic structure of a specific material or class of materials, and for the engineer who wants to understand the behavior of a given material.

Recent examples of SSI-developed software aimed at better understanding nanomaterial systems include the DOE-funded Computational Materials Science (COALESCE) cloud-computing web application, which has been designed to facilitate the study of materials systems by teams of scientists and engineers working side-by-side or across the nation from one another, and the Electrospray Propulsion Toolkit (ESPET), a multi-scale engineering tool developed with NASA funding to aid in the design and characterization of electrospray thrusters.

In addition to these software, SSI also has extensive experience in the development of direct simulation Monte Carlo flow solvers and their application to chemical and material systems.