Furnace / Turbine Monitoring Control Diagnostics

We analyze the spectral and spatial characteristics of both visible and invisible parts of a flame to determine if a burner is operating to requirements, and optimize functional conditions automatically to suit a particular application.

There are two new exciting technologies that are currently being developed by SSI along with thermal solutions vendor Eclipse of Rockford, IL:

  • Multispectral furnace imager
  • Burner-fitted spectrometers

Flames that are used in on-process burners are typically set up manually, allowing them opportunity to drift, and for off-nominal conditions to degrade performance without prompt detection.

Our technologies and custom-configured combustion analysis software look at the spectrum of natural radiance from the flame, giving real time feedback to keep your flame to specifications.

Advanced Combustion Control System (ACCS). Spectral range: 0.25 µm to 0.48 µm, and 0.9 µm to 1.7 µm.

NIR FASPEC sensor. Spectral range: 1.2 µm to 1.7 µm.

Multispectral furnace imager. Spectral range: 0.25 µm to 1.06 µm.

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Dr. Jason Cline

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