Spectral and Temporal Imaging

Spectral imaging is used to identifying solid, liquid, and gaseous materials remotely. Temporal imaging uses low noise, high speed video to extract structural information about an object. We apply our expertise in spectroscopy, imaging, and instrumentation design to the design, development, and operation of new, novel imaging systems to meet our customer’s requirements, whether for spectral or temporal information, or both.

We build compact Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) systems for material identification, agriculture and mining applications. Our HSI systems span a wider range of spectral information, from the visible through short-wave infrared, to provide more information from a single sensor. The compact format is small enough for a class 2 UAS. We also build low-cost, high sensitivity thermal hyperspectral imagers, like the TRACER system for industrial gas and process analysis.

Our Hypertemporal Imaging (HTI) systems and extraction algorithms are used to detect minute structural changes that are indicative of stability, vibration signatures of vehicles and machinery to monitor health and status, and characterization of surface and subsurface defects. We have combined HSI and HTI capabilities in the 4DST systems to produce compact, rugged sensors that provide material spectral properties, structural characteristics, and object tracking using a single camera.

UAS mounted HSI system for agricultural health monitoring and plant chemical analysis.

HTI measurement of a composite, 118 foot tower exhibits less than a cm of motion in sustained 15 mph winds.