We develop models that characterize the state of the earth and its surrounding atmosphere depending on position, time of day, solar effects, weather conditions, and altitude using the most up to date sources from around the world.

The Standardized Atmospheric Generator (SAG) is an empirical model created to provide a consistent description of the neutral environment from the ground to 300 km and the charged environment up to 1,000 km.  It captures systematic spatial and temporal atmospheric variability, which can be predicted deterministically.  SAG incorporates a number of empirical models and data sets to provide reasonable estimates for temperature, pressure, wind, electron density, and densities of atmospheric constituents.  SAG can supply atmospheric properties at individual points in space or in the form of vertical profiles at user-supplied altitudes.  It can be used as a stand-alone interactive program, scripted for batch execution or directly integrated into larger simulation models via an application programming interface