Jonathan Gelbord


Jonathan Gelbord

Senior Scientist

Ph.D. (Physics and Astronomy) Johns Hopkins University, 2002

M.A. (Physics and Astronomy) Johns Hopkins University, 1998

B.A. (Astronomy) Yale University, 1994

Dr. Gelbord is currently a Senior Scientist at Spectral Sciences, Inc. His research activities include modeling of atmospheric transmittance and the spectral signatures of molecules in hot, shocked, and non-equilibrium gases, as well as time series analyses of multiwavelength astronomical data. Before joining SSI in 2014, Dr. Gelbord was a faculty member at Penn State University where he served on the science operations team of the Swift Explorer Mission, an astronomical satellite that observes in the X-ray, ultraviolet and optical bands. Previously, Dr. Gelbord held postdoctoral positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Durham University. In each of these positions, he analyzed imaging and spectroscopic data, combining measurements from a diverse range of wavebands (from radio through X-rays) to put new constraints on the processes and structures related to accretion onto the supermassive black holes at the centers of active galaxies.