Lex Berk


Dr. Alexander Berk

Principal Scientist

Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) University of North Carolina, 1983

B.S. (Chemistry/Mathematics) Harvey Mudd College, 1978

Dr. Berk is currently a Principal Scientist at Spectral Sciences, Inc. His research activities have concentrated on the modeling of atmospheric transmittance and radiance phenomena. This work has included development of modules for Air Force Research Laboratory’s MODTRAN, SHARC, and SAMM radiation codes, calculation of infrared and ultraviolet radiation signatures from high and moderate altitude rocket fuel dumps, modeling of cloud clutter radiation in the MWIR and LWIR, and development of a high temperature band model data tape for the SIRRM. Dr. Berk has also led efforts to model Shuttle water venting, to model the response of terrain temperature to changes in cloud cover, and to model temperature and moisture profiles in the turbulent surface layer.