Terrestrial Hyperspectral Imaging Apparatus (THIA)

THIA is a compact, monolithic spectrograph and telescope system.

The SSI designed spectrometer, derived from Corning’s microHSI™ Vis/NIR sensor, uses a single optical path and focal plan array covering visible through extended Shortwave Infrared (450-2500mm). This provides reductions in size, weight and power from similar spectral range HSI systems.

Applications include precision agriculture, ecological and climate studies, mining, reconnaissance and surveillance, property and crop insurance, energy exploration, land management and urban planning. The extended SWIR adds capability for vegetative mass, foliar nitrogen and leaf water content, and a broad range of minerals.

The compact light weight, low-power, rugged design is ideal for automated high-altitude UAVs or small sats, with excellent ground resolution when paired with a 100mm or longer focal length telescope.

THIA potential platforms and GSD.


  • Flight Testing and Characterization of THIA, a Terrestrial Hyperspectral Imaging Apparatus for Ecological, Agricultural and Mining Applications