Steve Richtsmeier Retires

In July 2021, Steve Richtsmeier retired from SSI after 37 years.  Steve was a respected scientist at SSI who worked on both development of optical instrumentation and modeling and simulation for remote sensing applications. His signature achievement is MCScene software, the 3-D radiation transport simulation product that produces hyperspectral imagery  of earth as observed through a variety of atmospheric conditions.  MCScene is used by NASA, DOD, and aerospace companies to evaluate their spectral imaging design concepts and compare to field results. 

Steve’s contributions to SSI go far beyond science.  For many years he was the system administrator for SSI’s computer systems.  He maintained the SSI website. He became a certified UAV pilot and supported field tests both to fly and detect UAVs.  He shepherded many proposals through the SSI writing and editing process, ensuring they were completed in plenty of time to help reduce bottlenecks.  We still see Steve occasionally at SSI, working now as a part-time consultant to support many of those activities.